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Our Process

Below is a diagram of the Digidat Process. The key to a successful project is clear communication and commitment.

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Our first step in approaching a project is to perform a comprehensive analysis. We will meet with you physically or virtually, and listen to what you want and what you need. We will then proceed into a thorough question and answer session to narrow down and verify exactly what you envision to be the final product. Sometimes during these sessions we ask clients questions they never even thought of, which in most cases allows them to look at things from a different perspective and often leads to greater possiblities. It is during this time that we will also brainstorm creative ideas to ensure that your target audience will be reached.


The second step in our process is to create the plan. Depending on the project, the plan may also take the form of a written proposal. In any case, the planning stage is the most important part of the process because it is here that we will construct the foundation of the project. We will discuss specific elements of the project, such as, photo shoots, images, on-site recordings, artwork, desired output, and distribution, etc. In addition, we will also develop a timeline and establish the terms of payment.


The third step in the process is to put the plan into action and start developing the product. Some projects may require an initial sketch or draft just to make sure that the desired concept is being met and has not changed. It is during this time that we will go on-location, shoot in the studio, record sound, and edit. It is critical that we communicate regularly with you (the client) and if necessary schedule additional meetings.


The final stage of the process is to deliver the finished product. By this time we will have already tested and perfected everything to ensure its compatability and reliability. If you need to print or reproduce multiple copies we can help you get ready for distribution. All in all, our team is committed to excllence so we will make sure that everything goes according to plan.