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Our Services

Digidat Solutions has three major technology components: Systems, Domains, and Studios. These three components meet at the center of most businesses and play a crucial role in success. Digidat Solutions can guide you through these important stages of your business enterprise and offer solutions that will help you meet your objectives.

Digidat Domains

Do you have a design artist and a web application programmer? Do you have the web application tools to create a dynamic web site? Most SMB's 's don't and that's where Digidat Domains has your solution. We offer the services to create a professional World Wide Web presence.

Digidat Studios

By combining our state of the art equipment and our professionals, Digidat Studios will create superior quality High Definition production that will exceed your expectations. We provide innovative video, audio, graphic design, and marketing services.

Digidat Systems

Hardware and software technology changes about every four years. New hardware advances in CPU's, memory and hard drive capacity make a system upgrade inevitable. Software developers will follow the hardware advances using all the newest hardware resources available to them. With all of the decisions that have to be made in your IT department it can be difficult to make the right choice. Let Digidat Systems make those hard decisions easier, we offer consulting services that will help you ease your mind and save your business money.